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StockJumpers got its start as an experiment 10 years ago. A  research and development project- using a little-known proprietary information collection technology that had never before been applied as a trajectory analysis tool on a financial target. Thousands of hours of testing running hundreds of variation models and sturdies, and the team landed on a formula that accurately predicted an outcome the majority of the time., That combined with technical and objective analysis along with a dose of common sense was all we needed to begin our beta test group focused on catalyst trading events (mostly stocks reporting earnings), which we ran for 14 months before opening the project to the general public.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To provide our members with the most advanced information that they can leverage to profit from in trading the markets. What we do is the next best thing to having insider knowledge. And what makes it better- its 100% legal.


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StockJumpers was founded by serial entrepreneur Dane Spotts. Starting his first business while attending college in the early 70's, he leveraged his early success into several small businesses in the 80's . Dane founded Zygon International in the late 80's which grew into one of the largest self improvement publishing companies in the world.   "Stockjumpers is different, It's all about performance. No pie in the sky. We were beta testing live trades for 14 months before we launched our app. It's not only the real deal... it's a game-changer for sure." His primary role is to visioneer the company's direction and keep the development and intelligence models on track. Dane is also a professional trader and a trading systems designer. He has put together a dedicated team who's sole mission is to serve the goals of its members.  One of his favorite quotes epitomizes this simple philosophy.

   "If you want to achieve your goals, help others achieve theirs."




Smart. Curious. Talented. Always Welcome....

Like any fast growing company we are always hunting for talent that can help us capture opportunity. We don't advertise for associates - they  somehow serendipitously  show up when we need them. Perhaps that is you. If it is - by all means show yourself, email your C.V. along with an informal note of why we should read it.



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StockJumpers is a financial intelligence & research firm utilizing a proprietary trajectory analysis technology that accurately predicts the outcome of catalyst trading events. It offers its intelligence data in the form of "jump reports"  to its members who leverage the data to trade earnings reporting stocks and other market moving events


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