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What if... there was a research & intelligence tool that could accurately predict the outcome of a trading event, like an earnings release?

What if...you knew in advance how the market was going to react, and just prior to the announcement you open a position (long or short) and a few minutes later collect profit from the jump in price.


Trader "gets it"... leveraging $10 "Jump" report into thousands

Hi, Dane,

I really like the work U and your staff do. My very first month with you i, rolled up and down and netted about $5000. I now make about $9000 a month  doing this. U really don't need to do any hype like a lot of the other companies do because U have what I consider the most important and valuable assets: strong transparency, living in the real world and in the moment, and excellent skills at picking earnings winners and losers.


To improve my results, I often make a call or put order on your suggestions on my own trading platform and let them run into the next trading day. Though riskier because I cannot stop out on my own platform, using options has been safe so far because right-calls will tend to maintain in the same direction, while wrong-calls can be sold quickly at market opening. I am still learning how to trade on IB and look forward to your new direct connection with IB that your staff told me will be coming soon.


A side effect of your efforts has been that I have become much sharper at predicting what the results of earnings in a given company might be. I don't make much money with this, but the results are in the black. Today, besides trading your excellent choices, I will be trading AHS long.


Thanks to you, Andy, Mike and your staff for your excellent services!!


James F.


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What if...you did this same trade action many times each week, never holding a position longer than 24 hours... turning your cash over and over again, week after week earning, potentially 5%, 12%, 20% per trade event.


5 to 8 times a week the StockJumpers team deploys its intensive trajectory analysis tools on target companies that are announcing earnings or some other major catalyst. We issue a "Jump Report" that predicts the market reaction to the event. You receive the data a few hours ahead of the announcement and trade it based on your trading style and risk appetite.


We not only train you how to do this, but it can be set-up on auto-pilot and take less than 5 minutes a day.. OR you can have the
"Jumps" auto-traded for you using a Registered Investment Adviser. You pick your risk-reward settings and trade allocation amounts and capture profits. And check out our options trades on our performance page making 1000's percent gains


StockJumpers primary goal is to accurately forecast the outcome of a catalyst trading event 75% of the time using our forward-looking trajectory analysis technology. We publish the results of every trade event so you can see our track record. If we are wrong (which we can be) we disclose it, and learn from it. With a conservative trading strategy having  intelligence data gives our members a powerful edge when trading an earnings reporter, or other major catalyst event.

Dane Spotts, ceo


Phone: 253-248-6604

Email: dane@stockjumpers.com



*The "Jump Zone" percentage calculation is the total profit or loss (peak to valley) within a 24 hour period of a "jump" event NOT the amount a trader pockets, which could be substantially less. For more insight on performance and how we calculate a Jump Zone percentage visit the performance page.

WARNING: Trading is risky and you can lose a lot of money, Only invest money you can afford to lose.  Please read our full disclaimer and user agreement  here.

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StockJumpers is a financial intelligence & research firm utilizing a proprietary trajectory analysis technology that accurately predicts the outcome of catalyst trading events. It offers its intelligence data in the form of "jump reports"  to its members who leverage the data to trade earnings reporting stocks and other market moving events


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