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Jump Reports - "Jump" Data


StockJumpers flagship product are the Jump Reports, which are published 4-6 times a week. A "Jump" is a major catalyst event such as earnings release of public company. The StockJumpers team picks high volatility stocks that have some major event that will move the price at least 5% after the announcement. A proprietary trajectory analysis modeling technology is deployed against these targets and the data assembled into a very short actionable report. predicting the most likely market reaction. Reports are issued generally on the day of the release and automatically sent to PRO member subscribers to trade.


Level-2 Study


Trading a "Jump" can be very profitable and satisfying. But its only the beginning. Being able to know the trajectory of the target stocks move further out in time, can be even more profitable and fun to trade.  Professional traders often want to trade an event multiple times and will intuitively wait for a bottom to jump back in on a retrace.  Knowing if it really is a bottom and how the next 24-36 hours will unfold is what we offer with this in-depth analysis tool. Will the stock's move be extended, or will it retrace? Options and swing traders find this this tool useful as well as another way to leverage their StockJumpers data.


Special Projects - "Specials"   (see example - FOMC volatility)


Using the StockJumpers technology we conduct research studies on a major market moving events and provide members trajectory analysis reports we call "Specials." Some of these special projects include the ECB's decision to lower rates on the Euro in which billions were won or lost in the move following, or the same with an FOMC meeting outcome. A study could include catalyst events involving elections, wars, an oil crisis any number of events that affect the markets. We let our members know days in advance what we are working on and give them an opportunity to opt-in to the project.


Research & Analysis Trajectory - "RAT"


We can apply our core technology on any custom target as long as there is a strong catalyst event with some knowledge based objective. For example, lets say you have solid knowledge of a rumor that XYZ Corp is planning to acquire a major competitor, and you want to verify the outcome. We provide special intelligence that verifies the rumor and conduct trajectory analysis models for the outcome. There are dozens of potential uses for this valuable research tool that allow the client the ability to know the outcome of an event prior to anyone else.


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StockJumpers is a financial intelligence & research firm utilizing a proprietary trajectory analysis technology that accurately predicts the outcome of catalyst trading events. It offers its intelligence data in the form of "jump reports"  to its members who leverage the data to trade earnings reporting stocks and other market moving events


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